The Swedish Team

The Swedish Team is made up of 6 great players, here they are with their three most played heroes in the last National Championships. First we have the team captain iddqd who mostly plays McCree,Tracer, and Genji. Then we have Zave who plays Zenyatta, Mercy, and McCree. Then we have chipshajen who mostly plays McCree,Ana, and Zenyatta. We also have Zebbosai who plays Widomaker, Tracer, and Soldier 76. After that we have cocco who plays Zarya, Widomaker, and Soldier 76. And last but not least we have TviQ who plays Pharah, McCree, and Genji. Keep in mind these are only the players from the last tournament and not this one since the voting of the teams will be done in 6 hours so stay tuned for tomorrow if you want to see the official teams for South Korea, Sweden, and America.

Its Hiiiiiiiigh NOon




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