The South Korean Team

The South Korean team is a great team, they even won the World Championships. So this is the South Korean team and the player’s 3 most played heroes. First we’ll start with the team captain which is Miro who mostly play Winston, Zarya, and D.Va. Then we have zunba who mostly plays Zarya,Road Hog, and Winston. Then we have Ryujaehong who plays Zarya, Ana, and Reaper. Now we have EscA who plays McCree, Soldier 76, and Genji. Then we have Tairong who plays Zenyatta, Ana, and Lucio. Last but not least we have Arhan who plays Genji, Mercy, and Junkrat. So that is the team but keep in mind that these were the players last tournament and I can’t give you the players for the next one yet because voting will be done in 6 hours so stay tuned for tomorrow.



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