Predictions for Overwatch

Your Overwatch is dedicated to keeping track of the Overwatch National Championships. Since it hasn’t started yet I’ll make predictions for this year. South Korea won the last Overwatch National Championships and I think the won because of Miro and Ryujaehong. The reason I thought that they helped the most was because of how good Miro was at jumping onto the enemy healers with Winston and how good that Ryujaehong was with Ana, landing almost all of his shots. South Korea can still win this but the teams could have figured out South Korea’s strategy and they have probably practiced a lot together. So this year Sweden could win since Sweden got to the Semi-Finals and then lost to South Korea and this year. Keep in mind that America could also win this because of Seagulls’ Genji and Zarya and Adam’s capability of healing. Additionally they have great strategies and they could have put up a good fight against South Korea but they lost to Russia. Now back to South Korea, on Kings Row when they were facing Russia, Russia broke through most of South Korea’s defense and almost captured the first point but then when it seemed like Russia captured the point South Korea ran for the point used a gravaton surge and a Earth Shatter to kill the entire Russian team


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