Anniversary Event

A lot of people on the internet have been speculating that the Anniversary event is coming and Jeff Kaplan just said that the Anniversary event will take place on the 23rd of May. There have also been some leaks about the skins. In the leak they show us a Bastion skin, a Pharha skin, a […]

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The Committees

The coaches has been announced for some teams like the American team and the United Kingdom team. Keep in mind these aren’t really coaches they are more like people picking the teams for their country. There are three committee members in charge of putting a team together. For the United Kingdom these three committee members […]

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My Apologies

I am sorry that I said that I would tell you guys the official Overwatch National teams for Sweden, America, and South Korea. I was right that people were done voting but Blizzard has to count all of the votes and the Captains need to pick 2 other players. So I am really sorry that […]

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The American Team

The American Overwatch team is great. The 6 players are fantastic. So this is the American team and the player’s 3 most played heroes. We’ll start with the Team Captain Seagull who plays Genji, Hanzo, and Zarya. Then we have ster who plays Ana, Pharah, and Reinhardt. Then we have Talespin who plays Mei, Tracer, […]

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The South Korean Team

The South Korean team is a great team, they even won the World Championships. So this is the South Korean team and the player’s 3 most played heroes. First we’ll start with the team captain which is Miro who mostly play Winston, Zarya, and D.Va. Then we have zunba who mostly plays Zarya,Road Hog, and […]

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The Swedish Team

The Swedish Team is made up of 6 great players, here they are with their three most played heroes in the last National Championships. First we have the team captain iddqd who mostly plays McCree,Tracer, and Genji. Then we have Zave who plays Zenyatta, Mercy, and McCree. Then we have chipshajen who mostly plays McCree,Ana, […]

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Predictions for Overwatch

Your Overwatch is dedicated to keeping track of the Overwatch National Championships. Since it hasn’t started yet I’ll make predictions for this year. South Korea won the last Overwatch National Championships and I think the won because of Miro and Ryujaehong. The reason I thought that they helped the most was because of how good Miro was at jumping onto the enemy healers with Winston and how good that Ryujaehong was with Ana, landing almost all of his shots. South Korea can still win this but the teams could have figured out South Korea’s strategy and they have probably practiced a lot together. So this year Sweden could win since Sweden got to the Semi-Finals and then lost to South Korea and this year. Keep in mind that America could also win this because of Seagulls’ Genji and Zarya and Adam’s capability of healing. Additionally they have great strategies and they could have put up a good fight against South Korea but they lost to Russia. Now back to South Korea, on Kings Row when they were facing Russia, Russia broke through most of South Korea’s defense and almost captured the first point but then when it seemed like Russia captured the point South Korea ran for the point used a gravaton surge and a Earth Shatter to kill the entire Russian team

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